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The Desert's Farmer

I'm excited to share with you my new 3d Experiment 'The Desert's Farmer", I challenged myself to do something cool and different, So in this project, my main concept and character was inspired from Shane Deveries paintings, I loved the character's form and started to work on modeling with imagining the whole scene by adding some fun props, For the textures, unwrapped in 3ds max and exported to the great Substance Painter except desert's ground which i did using displace and V-ray materials .. Lighting using V-RaySun light connected with scene's environment map .. Post-production in Adobe Photoshop.

3ds Max - V-Ray - Substance Painter - Adobe Photoshop

Moataz el sayed design 1200
Moataz el sayed design 1200 z1
Moataz el sayed mask2
Moataz el sayed model 1200
Moataz el sayed wire1200
Moataz el sayed untitled 1